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The number one core belief of our faith is based upon John 14:6. Jesus taught that HE is the ONLY way to heaven. Romans 10:13. Whosoever call upon the name of the LORD will be saved.

We do not earn, buy, or deserve our salvation (Eternal Life). We have it because it has been given to us by JESUS because of HIS love for us. We are all sinners deserving of death but because of GOD'S grace we have eternal life. JESUS saved us II Timothy 1:8-9 and it is JESUS who keeps us saved, John 10:28.

Now because of God's saving us, we believe in living a Biblical life to the best of our ability in an effort to love Jesus back.

Our number two core belief is concerning baptism. Baptism takes place because of salvation. It's a public statement of our inward faith in JESUS Christ as Lord of our lives. We do not baptize a person until they make known their own profession of faith in Christ, therefore we do not baptize infants. Baby dedications for parents committing themselves to raising their child with the teaching of God's word we do certainly welcome and have a special ceremony for them.

Our third core belief is in the Holy Trinity, meaning He's One God in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

And finally at Living Stone we believe you are a Christian first and Church of the Brethren second, but as Brethren, we believe in striving to live this life Simply, Peacefully, Together in Christ.

We worship our God together on Sunday mornings. We study God's word together on Wednesday nights.

We partake of bread and cup communion as part of Sunday morning worship service twice a year.

Twice a year, we also partake in full communion including bread and cup, full meal, and a feet washing service called "Love Feast". Please understand that these worship services are only by each ones volunteering to do so. Nothing is ever pressured or forced. Some fully participate, some only partake in certain parts, and some don't attend at all, but that's all right. Love Feast is simply something we do in rememberance of our LORD at "The Last Supper" before his Crucifixtion.


Men's Feet Washing Ceremony

Jesus Washing Disciples Feet
Men's Feet Washing Ceremony



Women's Feet Washing Ceremony

Women's Feet Washing Ceremony


The Love Feast Meal

The Love Feast 1 The Love Feast 2